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"This is what the Lord says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, and ask where the good way is, and walk in it. You will find rest for your soul."
Jeremiah 6:16 NIV

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I Wanna Be Rich - I Think

By Jerry Stewart How many of us have said, "Man I wish I could win the lottery or something and just be rich. If I was rich my troubles would all be over". Oh really. Well, consider these statistics. According to a recent report, of the people who have won the lottery, there are more than an average number of divorces, of bankruptcy and, get this, a much higher than average of suicides. Yep, that’s what I said – suicides. According to this report issued, people who become rich overnight usually don’t have the skills to handle all that money, and they are made miserable by all the pressure it brings and all the people who suddenly seek to become their new best friends.

The IRS Dirty Dozen, Part III

By Jerry Stewart Today I’m wrapping up my talk on so-called tax avoidance schemes, which are really tax evasion scams. And believe you me, you don't want to have anything to do with tax evasion. Here are a few more of the tax scams the IRS has labeled their "Dirty Dozen".

A Chuckle with the IRS

By Jerry Stewart Rarely does a day go by in my office that someone is having some conversation or correspondence with the IRS. And it most always is a solemn or serious matter, which we are trying to keep our client out of some trouble. But just last week, something the IRS said made me really laugh.

The Heat Is On

By Jerry Stewart Over the last two weeks I’ve been talking with you about this very hot topic of the IRS and just how hot and bothered most every American gets when they think of the possibility of a tax audit. Now, let me say this again – most people working for the IRS are really nice people, just doing their job. Oh sure, there are a few jerks working there, but that’s true for any business.

Tax Audits

By Jerry Stewart A listener wrote requesting more information about tax audits and just what happens if, as a taxpayer, the IRS decides to audit you. Well, interestingly enough, I ended up having a meeting with a new client just that next day and he's in the middle of his own IRS audit. Unfortunately, he had already gone through a big part of the audit and he and his representative made what could be some errors fatal to his audit success. Let me tell you what I told him.

Mister, Can You Spare A Dime?

By Jerry Stewart Our world today is full of extremes. And when it come to money, well, its no exception. There are some people who will do just about anything to get money, while there are others who care so little about it that they aren’t even willing to support themselves. The rest of us fall somewhere in between –desiring enough money to take care of our needs and the needs of our family while, at the same time, not selling our souls to get it. But the truth is this – money is a necessity. If you doubt, just reach into your pocket or your purse or your wallet. What will you find? Hopefully a little cash because sometime today you’re going to need it.

Selling Your Property - The 1031 Exchange, Part III

By Jerry Stewart Today is the last of my six reports on this matter of selling investment real property and if the 1031 Like Kind Exchange can work for you. And, if you’re considering doing a 1031 exchange with your property sale, know these key points.

Selling Your Property - The 1031 Exchange

By Jerry Stewart In my report to you two weeks ago we talked about the sale of real property. Specifically, the sale of your personal residence and some of the misinformation you may have encountered about the sale of your residence. Hopefully, any confusion you may have had in your mind about that sale is now a little clearer. By the way, if you ever need or want to readdress any of my previous reports just go to and follow the prompts.

If You Really Care

By Jerry Stewart In my report last week we talked about the sale of property. Specifically, the sale of your residence. At the end of that report, I told you that this week I would begin a discussion on what’s called the "1031 exchange of property". I’m going to postpone that discussion until next time because something happened in my office just the other day that I am compelled to speak about today. And, if you value my opinions at all – if you’ve ever listened to anything I’ve ever said – don’t miss what I’m about to tell you now.

You Are Entering…

By Jerry Stewart I was checking my records this last week and, believe it or not, I’ve been bringing you this weekly money report now for almost 10 years. Wow! If you’ve been listening each week, you know that my reports have basically two overriding themes. First, watch your money carefully because there’s always someone out there willing to take it from you. And second, I don’t like paying taxes. You say, "any taxes?" Of course, we have to pay some taxes to allow our government agencies to function. But, I believe this one thing is true – if you give any government agency too much money they will find a way to waste it.

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