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"This is what the Lord says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, and ask where the good way is, and walk in it. You will find rest for your soul."
Jeremiah 6:16 NIV

"We're All Americans"

american_flag_homepage   Our great nation, America, is made up of our 50 United States. Now we each know a lot about our own state, but how much do you know of the others? Take this little quiz.


    How much do you know about our individual states? Most all know that the largest state is Alaska, but which is the smallest – Rhode Island. By the way, Rhode Island is not an island at all.


    What is our most populated state? California, over  37,000,000 people. And the least populated? Wyoming, with get this, less than 500,000 population.


    Most densely populated state? New Jersey – 1,135 people per square mile. Wow, that’s right. And the least densely populated? Alaska. Only 1.1 people per square mile.


    America is certainly quite diverse and different. But don’t forget.  we’re all Americans.