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A Short Christmas Interview with Jerry
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"This is what the Lord says: "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, and ask where the good way is, and walk in it. You will find rest for your soul."
Jeremiah 6:16 NIV

"Christmas Love"

 nativity  It was a community holiday celebration and they were determined to keep Christ out.  But it didn't work out quite that way.  Read this one.


It was the night of the citywide holiday celebration and those in charge had ordered, "This is not to be a program focusing on the Christ Child." 

As the children prepared to sing one song entitled, "Christmas Love", the children held up their cards spelling out the name of that song.  But, one little girl, the one holding the "M" in Christmas accidentally turned her card upside down - instead of an "M", it was a "W". 

What did the message say? 

"Christ Was Love." 


You see, try as you may to take Christ out of Christmas, here's the truth:

Without Christ's love there is no Christmas.