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Jeremiah 6:16 NIV

"His Invention Could Not Save The President!"

gar4By Jerry Stewart - Vision Productions       On July, 2, 1881 President James Garfield was shot by an assassin named Charles Guiteau. At first, doctors expected that the president would die, assuming that the bullet hit a major organ in Garfield's body. Amazingly, after several days Garfield was still alive. But doctors had to get that bullet out if he was to recover.

Now they had not yet invented the x-ray so the only way they could hope to find the bullet was to probe into the bullet hole looking for it. This was highly painful and likely to increase infection - what were they going to do?

Alexander Graham Bell, one great inventor of that day, had an all-new invention - it was an experimental model of a metal detector - and it worked. In fact, he had already used it to find bullets never removed from the bodies of Civil War survivors, so whenever he heard the doctor's predicament regarding President Garfield he immediately made his way to the White House, bringing along his metal detector.

As he reached the President's bedside he immediately hooked up his detector and began to generate small currents of electricity through the detector coils. All hopes were high as Alexander Graham Bell listen for the hum through the coils - the hum that would tell him where the bullet was lodged in the President's body. But try as he may, Bell could not find the bullet. For some reason the metal detector would not stop humming.

After much effort, great inventor Alexander Bell had to stop – sadly, he had failed.


For another four weeks President Garfield fought to overcome his grave illness; and, finally, on September 19, 1881, President James Garfield suffered serious hemorrhaging, heart failure, and he died - very sad.


But one more thing; one more piece to this story - just why did Alexander Graham Bell's invention not work? Was it a failure? Not at all. In fact, it worked perfectly.

The problem was that no one knew that President Garfield was lying on another all-new invention - the coil spring mattress. And the metal coils in that mattress were causing interference, so that the bullet could never be detected - how very strange.