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Jeremiah 6:16 NIV

Andrew Jackson - Shot Twice - But He Never Went Down"

74pxandrew_jackson_headBy Jerry Stewart - Vision Productions  We all know the story of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. But did you know that the first assassination attempt of a U.S. president was a full 30 years before to then President Andrew Jackson? And it changed the face of our nation's criminal justice system forever.


   The date was January, 30, 1835, and 68 year old President Andrew Jackson was in the Capitol rotunda in Washington, DC. But as he stepped into the rotunda, something happened so quickly that it literally took everyone by surprise.


    From seemingly out of nowhere a young man appeared, and from his coat he pulled a pistol. And before anyone could stop him, he fired that pistol at President Jackson from point blank range, and when the gun was fired everyone was surprised. But none were more surprised than the gunman himself. His shot was fired from point blank range, but Andrew Jackson did not go down. The gun had misfired and the bullet had never left the chamber -  unbelievable! But, here’s where to story gets even more unbelievable.


    Before anyone could stop this would-be assassin, believe it or not, he pulled out a second gun and he pulled the trigger. There was another deafening explosion, but the president still did not go down. The second pistol had also misfired – impossible! President Jackson took his cane to this young man and those around him wrestled him to the ground.


    After his arrest, the young man's name was discovered to be Richard Lawrence, and the authorities discovered something else this man – he was completely insane. He stated that he was a British citizen and the rightful heir to the British throne but that Andrew Jackson was in his way of the throne, so he wanted him dead.


    They later examined both pistols quite carefully and, believe it or not, they were both found to be loaded properly, and in perfect working condition – very, very strange.

    But here's the last twist to this very strange story. When the man went to court to stand trial for attempted murder, the District of Columbia Attorney General, himself, prosecuting the case, insisting on the death penalty. He argued that no one should even be allowed to attempt the assassination of a U.S. president without receiving the death penalty. But, to his dismay, the jury disagreed, and found this man, Richard Lawrence, not guilty, get this, by reason of insanity.

    This was the first case ever in our nation where a person was not held responsible by their actions because of insanity, and that ruling still stands today. Yes, truth he is truly stranger than fiction.